Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cool Arcade

Poking around the intertubes and I've discoved the web site for an arcade that I'd love to visit. Too bad it's in California. (the last stand for arcades in the US, mainly because of the big fighting game scene) Check out the games list for Denjin Arcade. They even have Japanese style sit down cabinets. So swank.

Barring a couple around here and in Orlando, the arcade scene is properly dead in Florida.

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unit-1978 said...

Arcades have been dead here for a long time. Fighting games are what kept arcades in business and now that most places wont house them and people would rather play at home or online. Nothing will ever replace arcade in your face trash talk and fighting it out on the sticks.
That was prime gaming, from original SF II to MK to Virutal Fighter, to all the NEO GEO fighters that would only be 1 quarter when you got low on money, lol cause at the time no one wanted to play them.