Monday, March 3, 2008

Blog Dump - Epic Edition

This is what I get for missing a few days blogging. Some news newer than others. More linking, less commentary.

comics / manga:
Interview with Mike Carey (writer of X-Men: Legacy) at Speaking of Legacy, Magneto is coming back.

She Hulk 26 plot summary here
. Ugh I am not enjoying Peter David's run at all. Bring me back Dan Slott, kthx.

Stan Lee is joining forces with the creator of Shaman King to make some manga. YEAH! /squee!

X-Force issue 2 preview
up at CBR.

Tomopop has some cool figures for you to peek at.
Chun Li and Chua Churam.

Psst - Octopus mecha.

Download a NIN cd for free (and legally as well) or get a collection of CDs for a measly 5 bucks.
source: Wired

Lego Batman on the DS might not stink! (source: DS Fanboy)
It will be the only one I can buy though, because the 'real' Batman Lego game isn't on the Wii or the DS. I am feeling so last gen, but I'm not! Topless Robot gives the scoop on playing as a villain. (and some neat video)

Lifehacker shows you have to make a Wii friendly home page w/ Wii Browser.

Kotaku has some (English) Arcana Heart footage. It's retailing for 30 bucks. Urgh.

Japan is neat:
Hard Gay is going to be a dad!
Ya Fuuuuuu~

Japanese emoticons cell phone straps. Ha HAH.
source: Japan Sugoi (misquoted source corrected)

Americans Work More and Sleep Less. Go figure.
source: Wired

and finally, Metal Enka from Japan Sugoi
(misquoted source corrected)


Anonymous said...

I think you have Japanprobe and Japansugoi mixed up. You credit Japanprobe but it should be the other site

electric goldfish said...

That's a distinct possibility. I was tired when putting it all together. I'll run through the links to check. It's never my intention to improperly credit.

JIFF said...

I've seen that picture of the cat a lot in the past few days.

I love it.