Monday, June 18, 2007

Fujoshi Idol Band

AnimeOnline reports that a new idol band called Fujoshi Sisters has been formed. The group of six women - consisting of Yoko Inui, Chiaki Kyan, Yuka Kyomoto, Erika Ura, Yuka Konan, and Suzanne - is due to put out its first single, "GO! FIGHT! Fujoshi Sisters," this January.
Awesome. For you poor buggers that don't know what Fujoshi are - Dark Diamond explains - with video clips even.

Edit: Note to self - Must name Guitar Hero 3 band after this group.


Sharp said...

I seem to recall you getting riled up when I called you fujoshi.

electric goldfish said...

Who really wants to be a 'rotten woman'?

I won't accept the title until they decide whether it means girl otaku or insane yaoi fangirl. The former is fine, the latter not so much.

(Fujoshi Idol band = still funny as all hell)