Monday, June 18, 2007

Peter David coming back to She Hulk

Peter David's run on the book will begin 'three months after WWH ends'. Maybe, just maybe, she'll stop sleeping around and the book will improve. I've not been impressed with the storylines lately. In addition, World War Hulk knocks the urge for litigation right out of her. That sucks. Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzburg & Holliway (GLKH) was a fun little world they created for her. I sincerely hope they explain why she hates to be Jen.

PAD: She won't be directly involved with GLK&H; instead she's going to be attached to a related business concern. And she won't be lawyering, no. I look at it this way: Dan did such a fantastic job with stories involving Jen as a lawyer that if I try to imitate what he did, it's going to come across as watered down Dan Slott stories. I simply can't do it better than he did. I think it will be better for Jen and for the readers to take her in a substantively different direction...but, again, one that flows naturally and logically from what's gone before. I'm not going to assign her an arbitrary mission or situation in life simply for the purpose of doing something different. Once you read it, you will say, "Oh, okay, that makes sense based upon what's gone before."

source: Newsarama

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