Friday, June 22, 2007

Misc. Gaming News

Zepy @ Canned Dogs reports that Taiko Drum Master 10 will include songs from Lucky Star and Nodame Cantabile. Import Get!

King of Fighters Max Impact 2 Regulation A site updated with more of the same. New character info, story and movies *yay*
-via Cyberfanatix

Guilty Gear Accent core is coming to the PS2 & the Wii. How long till Wiimote injuries due to GG flailing?!

Perhaps the most notable changes are the re-recorded character voices, a first since Guilty Gear XX first debuted. Combined with new backgrounds and intro animations they'll certainly add a bit of freshness to a series that's been growing rather stale over the years.

The Wii version will also feature special waggle controls that allow you to use the Wii remote and nunchuck to pull off fighting moves, which will be novel for all of five minutes before the classic controllers get hooked up (via Kotaku)

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