Friday, June 22, 2007

Thursday recap

Ok, so I'm late today. Let's recap.

Suddenly - Minions! Thousands of Them!
Dynasty Warriors & Samurai Warriors had a kid - and it's Orochi Warriors. 77 characters to choose from. Kotaku is less than impressed. As for me, my socks are rocked. IGN has pictures.

Scary Bewbs Ahoy!
Jessie has boobs, and now, James has boobs... just not in America (damnit Kotaku, you posted this no less than 30 seconds after I did. Yes I know it's hella old.)

Rio Natsume's boobs absolutely cannot be real. There is no way (nsfw due to....boobs, duh)

A New Hero Appears!
Although Miss Universe was up for this role, Erico Tamura has snagged a new role on season 2 of Heroes. She'll play a Japanese princess. +10,000 points if they squeeze an "oh ho hoh hoh" laugh out of her. Unlikely, but if they did I may drop dead from the glee.

I'm CONFUSED about B:
B Jenet - maybe the announcer wasn't saying it wrong in KOF Max Impact 2:
Her name is B. Jenny, she is 5'5, weights 108 pounds, and has type AB blood. She likes martial arts, nail art, and violating territorial waters. She dislikes diesel-powered ships. Her special skills are synchronizing her stomach's clock to within one minute of real time. Her nickname is "the Corsair Under the Skull and Crossbones." Actually Jenny Behrn, daughter of the Behrn family, came to loathe her luxuriant but tedious life and left home to form the Reeling Knights pirate band, which vowed to steal for the weak and poor. In her dress with its skull-and-crossbones pattern, B. Jenny plays the role of a grown woman, but she can't avoid her childish tendencies! (via Kid Nemo)
Huh. If it's B Jenny, then why do they keep listing her as Bonne Jenet? It's okay, because we all call her "B" anyway.

In the Marvel U.
Don't lose your X-Men Endangered Species checklist. It's already started - the one shot dropped yesterday.

I thought I knew it all about Rogue, until I read this. I had no knowledge of the Rogue/Dazzler beef. I am an unworthy fangirl.

If you'd like your head to explode in a mass of alternate universe/retcon confusion, read about Pennance/Hollow. (all I wanted to know was how she ended up in The Loners #3!)

Ok, Hecatomb - Rogue absorbed it, but it's a giant metal ball fulla minds. Since when can she absorb non-humanoid things? Retcon much, Marvel? (we are comic book geeks, we notice these things!) Cable is still trying to fight the Hetacomb but he loses. The alien kills and consumes the mummudrai and is about to eat Cable when Cannonball saves him. Rogue flies in and finds out that the alien feeds on and is made up of minds, and she knows exactly what she has to do. She goes inside it and absorbs the 8 billion minds that make up the Hetacomb. All that's left of the living weapon is a floating bomb, but it's still a huge danger. (via comicvine)

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