Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Drink Evangelion Coffee, World Explodes

Kotaku, AnimeOnline, Anime News Network and many other anime news sites covered this so I thought I should mention it. (Kotaku has the best pictures though) Evangelion coffee was released back in the day when Eva first came out. It faded away, to bring forth new fan drinks/swag. However, with the Eva series (remake?) coming up this summer, venading machines in Japan are now stocking Eva coffee again.

"The drinks will be sold as individual cans and in cases of 6 cans for 945 yen (about 8.50 US Dollars). The cases include two cans of black coffee with "Don't Drink This" printed on the can, three cans of "LCL" Orange Juice, and a coin bank as an added bonus to people who buy the case."

Each can seems to have different characters on it. I'm not going to lie to you. I'm not the biggest Eva fan around but if these show up at conventions like the FF Potions did, I'l pick up some Asuka coffee. Well, just as long as they guarantee that it won't cause you to hallucinate and strangle people you love (omg! vague spoiler!) Asuka image snagged here.


JIFF said...

Is that image the one in my blog?

electric goldfish said...

Yes, I posted a link to where I got it at the end of the post. If you'd like I can remove it.

JIFF said...

No, no
Please Keep it
I like the post
And you know, Its blogger's bandwidht

I was in Japan last month,but I did not see that coffe