Saturday, May 24, 2008

Link Dump Part 3 - Everything Else

Insert Credit links to an electronica musician with a penchant for 8 bit sounds. His MySpace page is here.

Sea Slugs anime blog made a shinigami subway sandwich reference that just makes me laugh. Dig it.

Blog by the name of The Way I Am has some interesting thoughts about manga. At first, I thought it would annoy me, but I find that I agree with a number of her points. Read it here: My Issues With Manga. 

Phew, link dump complete. Opinion pieces on the horizon, time willing, o' course.

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Kitsune_rei said...

I find I in general agree with their views on manga too. Anything you're just getting into and is shiny and new, you're probably going to be less discerning of the 'crap.' And with a lesser selection in the younger days of animanga, you went with what you could get. There's no real excuse now, the market is getting over-saturated, as is the natural evolution of stuff people demand more of. I know I went through my days of shiny comics and manga, where everything was good because it was something new to me, and now I'm much more picky. But you take anything and it generally has some kind of rabid cult following. Animanga just happens to be the more prevalent lately.