Friday, May 23, 2008

Link Dump - Comics Edition

Hello again, here are more links that I have accrued - again of various degrees of freshness.


That swank Wolverine art on the left there is by Ardian Syaf. Check out his DeviantArt page here.

Joe Quesada answers some questions about the X-men in his MySpace Cup o' Joe blog.
source: Agent M's twitter feed, I think.

Marvel Take 10: International Heroes (Top 10 Int'l Heroes)
Agent M thought it was X-Men heavy, but X-Men is all about being international and diverse. I would have liked to seen Elektra on there (she lives in the US but is still very Greek. Buuut, I'm biased.)

Newsarama has their way with Peter David and squeezes out two interviews, regarding She Hulk's future (less bitchy, plz?) and the Shulkie/X Factor crossover (I wish I was kidding)

In even MORE She Hulk news, here's the cover sketch from She Hulk 30. Jen gets way friendly with Hercules. *sigh* I miss Dan Slott.
source: Peter

Runaways is getting a #1 relaunch - with Terry Moore writing and Humberto Ramos as the artist. I only read Runaways via the trades and Joss Wheadon's ridiculously long hiatus, it's time for a reboot. The idea behind this book is too good to be squandered. Sad bit: the Runaway that died in the first run of the book (no I am not saying who, it's fairly obvious by now anyway) doesn't seem to get resurrected in the relaunch. Boo!

I still have yet more links to share but I'm grouping them by similarity for now. Check back soon for more.

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