Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Wednesday, dood. (in which, I ramble...a lot)

Well, today (Wednesday) is the big day at the comic book shop. What are you picking up?

As for me, it's my regular fix of X books (only one this week) X Factor. (I somehow have Xmen 209 and 211 but missed 210 so I'll be grabbing that as well)

The_Flying_Rogue_by_StevenSanchez After looking at the giant mass of Xbooks and She Hulk that's dropping next week, I think I am going to pass on Xmen: Divided We Stand. I never got a chance to properly read the first issue and I'm not huge on vignettes. Well, ones that don't relate to Rogue and any of her extended family (Mystique, Nightcrawler, and any of her past or future kids. Genext anyone?) Also, it's 4 bucks. Meh. I'm a cheapass and think for an extra minute for some of the 3.99 priced books.

I really hope XMen Legacy picks up - it's a bit dry right now. While I love his followers, I'm not the biggest fan of Xavier himself. Especially these days. Although I shouldn't complain, his flashbacks gave me my much wanted glimpse back into the Hellfire Club. I miss those pompous, self centered windbags and their fabulous ascots.

On the DC end of things, it's time for another great (I assume) issue of Birds of Prey. I miss Gail Simone on the book, but I think the writers that followed her have really done a bang up job. *throws the horns*

recap for this week: X-Factor 31, Xmen Legacy 210 (way late), and BOP 118

Next week (the wallet pain!)
DC: Blue Beetle 27, Huntress Year One #2
Marvel: She Hulk 29, Uncanny Xmen 498, XForce 4, Xmen Legacy 212

Crikey! Apparently all my books bunch up into one painful week. ~_~;

As you can tell, I'm more into comic books these days. It's not that I don't absolutely love gaming and anime (I DO LOVE THEM! SO HARD!) - I'll go into my reasons on why comics have kind of eaten my life in a future post. Well, that's the plan. My life usually doesn't turn out as planned, so let's just hope for the best, shall we?

Swank Rogue art by the awesome Steven Sanchez! Check his DevArt page here.

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