Tuesday, July 17, 2007

X-Men 204 (ARGH!)

I had a partial list of solicitations from Newsarama, but Rid @ Majoria's News clearly has a better source than I do. He's posted a link to the list as well as the cover to X-Men 204. (His July 17 post)

Gawddamnit....I'm happy about the lack of glove but effing infuriated about pretty much everything else. Thanks for encouraging abusive relationships Marvel.

"I know I tried to kill you more than once, dumped you in Golgotha, tried to screw Foxx while on the astral plane (in your head) possibly banged your mom, turned into a horseman of Apocalypse, tried to kill you AGAIN, killed your team-mate, & joined the Marauders...but...you still love me don't you, cherie?"

"Aw, I'm just a dumb hick shugah, of course I do."

*head desk head desk head desk*

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JIFF said...

I´ve lost track from the x-men, I´m reading whatever Marvel is pulishing now in Mexico, that is just not enough , we have X-Men and astonishing X-men, and that´s it.

There was another editorial paying royalties to marvel, which made their comics more expensive but they were better and we didn´t have to wait that much.

Nice drawing of ambit almost grabbing her Behind