Monday, July 16, 2007

2 weeks later, the return!

In addition to all the personal stuff going on, & projects needing completion, I caught some sort of odd illness. Its like the Outer Mongolian Brown Spotted Racing Ostrich Flu or something. (Probably a stubborn cold virus more like.) I'm now on the road to recovery and one very, very large project has been completed. Things are moving forward and I can start posting on a more regular basis. So, to get started, have some creepy undergarment news with a dash of hug pillow and nom nom nom.

Freaky deaky antigravity pantsu. First seen on a ecchi figure, actually exist. (link ok, pics in link probably nws, but not too bad.) - source: Happy Soda

Gurren Lagann character Yoko will be the 'object' of affection this August as her image will adorn a 'hug pillow'.
-source Heisei Democracy -site is ok, don't click on the pics at work, k?

Great cat or greatest cat? Either way, this corn on the cob eating cat is ridiculous cute.
source: Japan Probe (work safe 99% of the time, but there is a giant bikini model article, so the cat link is safe, but the main link has bewbs upon scroll.)

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