Saturday, July 21, 2007

animeOnline goes DOWN

Holy crap.

Japanator reports/confirms that animeOnline has been taken OFFline. Needless to say, this was abrupt. The official line at the now removed aO is as follows:

We would like to thank everyone for supporting our beta test of animeOnline.

Though we are proud of our editorial work, there were a number of technical issues discovered during the beta.

Rather than frustrating our fans by cobbling together technical fixes and slapping them onto the site, we feel it would be better for us to fix the issues, evaluate all the items fans want and re-launch the site at a later time.

Keep an eye out for the exciting re-launch.


If any relaunch is happening, they didn't tell the current editors. I'll be keeping up with Gia's blog posts, & Dale went back to Japanator & Destructoid. The entire good bye 'epilogue/contact information' is posted at Read it here.

I have to say, this bums me out mightily.

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