Monday, July 16, 2007

She Hulk 19, probably still on shelves!

In less random news, go pick up She Hulk 19. It is awesome and fantastic and attempts to explain why Shulkie has been going rather slut-tastic these days. (yes, that's The Leader on the cover...Mallory is so evil.) It's equal parts amusing, aggravating and embarrassing. I had more reaction to this issue than I did to X-Men 200. Don't get me wrong, 200 was great, but you really feel for poor Jen in this issue. (also, possible return of Pug? Unfortunate facial hair, but still good news, I hope)

Dan Slott had some rough storylines on his She Hulk run, but the recent ones have been really good. I'm looking forward to Peter David, but I have to say that I'll miss Slott & I'm still bummed he's (essentially) taking the law firm with him. ;_;

Issue 20 drops on August 7th, so there's still time to get in on this storyline!

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Green eyed Dragon said...

About X-men 200, in it they say threr is only 200 mutants left, just giving ya something to think about