Saturday, July 28, 2007

X-Men 201 - in which, almost nothing happens.

ComicVine has a recap of X-Men 201 (with possible spoilers, but seriously if you have not read 200, then you probably don't care anyway). Aside from the first four pages, which were very enjoyable, the rest of the issue is:

Rogue: AFK, kthxbye.
Misc. X-Men: 'Oh, we're screwed, now what?'
Cyclops: 'Uh, I dunno...'
Emma: Damnit, do I have to do EVERYTHING around here?

The best dialogue in the entire book (I would say the entire Marvel Universe, but She Hulk is consistently witty) is a brief conversation (in battle of course) between Iceman and Mystique. (Protip: They slept together a few issues back.) Iceman finds that his powers are not working properly, if at all.
Iceman: What did you do to me?
Mystique: Neural Inhibitor, Robert - in my lipstick and...elsewhere.

At this point I laughed hysterically. Click the image if you don't believe me. More fodder for bad fanboy sex jokes. _Add Neural Inhibitor tampon/vagina slang/body cavity joke here_ . Hell, I can't even stop myself from picking the low hanging fruit. It's Mallrats all over again. "Your friend is obsessed with super hero private parts".

As for the Endangered Species backup story- It's just a series of villains telling Beast to feck off. Let me know when to tune back in on that particular over hyped storyline.

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