Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Random than usual....

This is one of those times where I clicked a link that led to another link...etc.
I blame Digg. Yes, that's it. Digg.

It started off with Oscar the Cat. Oscar can apparently predict nursing home patient's deaths. In the comments section, someone suggested that "Has anyone considered the cat might be an anusshade?" Apparently, I have not been on 4chan / Encyclopedia Dramatica enough to know what the heck they were referring to. So I looked it up on yahoo and was lead to the Quote Database home, which offered me the following gem.

[Kazz] Do vampires have anuses? Cause that's why I wouldn't let this kid invade a vampire's anus in this RPG, right, I was GMing, and his character was an Anus Shade, with the power to possess and control the anuses of people and animals.. and I figured that vampires don't have anuses.
[Zaratustra] a vampire's anus is present, but non-working.
[Zaratustra] like a network card without the appropriate driver.
[Kazz] Wow. You're the biggest dork on Earth.
[Sharkey] And you're DMing an rpg with Anus Shades.

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