Thursday, July 26, 2007

Marvel Superhero Stamps

I'll be off to the post office today.
The USPS has released a set of Marvel Superhero themed stamps.
"The 41-cent stamps honor the creations of Marvel Comics, and also include Sub-Mariner, The Thing, Captain America, the Silver Surfer, the Spider-Woman, the Invincible Iron Man, Elektra and Wolverine." (emphasis added by me)
Read the entire article and see the stamp sheet here.
source: WR Beta (Devil Doll) & Washington Post


JIFF said...

So far from the border and I´m traveling to el Paso until the next month

electric goldfish said...

Hm! You might be able to order them online. Here's a link to the store, although I don't know if they ship outside of the US (don't see why not)