Monday, June 11, 2007

Comic Vine / Birds of Prey

Well, useless in the grand scheme of things, but super cool and useful to comic book geeks. Comic Vine has profiles, images, statistics and the ever important superhero battle charts. Users can vote on battles for heroes (or villians) with similar powers. Rogue vs God (no picture info) was my favorite.

Also, it has recaps/spoilers for recent comic books. This is INCREDIBLY useful if you don't want to buy all of the World War Hulk books just to see if Jen's lawsuit against Tony flies. (which I don't)

Speaking of spoilers (yay segue!) Birds of Prey 107 has been released and yeah, they went there. So as not to ruin the ending, the spoiler lives here: BOP 107

The only bad news is that they're convinced that Beast would be my perfect superhero date. No Namor? No Wolverine? [sad fangirl]


eBiL said...

65.2% ... that's the best I can do ; ;

I R get F in wuv


electric goldfish said...

Wow, Moira - ouch.

At least she was smart enough to hang out with Charles Xavier in the comics and have one line at the end of the third movie.