Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Witchblade Manga Up for an Award?

Kindly file under WTF and also, Do Not Want.

ANN reports that the Witchblade manga has been nominated for a Harvey Award.
This is one of the worst manga I have ever read.

I'm fairly desensitized to negative portrayals of women in comics and manga but this one was SO bad that I couldn't overlook it. Oversexualized is an understatement. In addition to all the typical kink stereotype characters (lolita, schoolgirl, librarian, glasses girl - combine as needed) Panty shots abound (and these girls are PACKING. Jeez!) There's a point where it looks as though Takeru (current bearer in the manga) is taking the Witchblade out of her vajayjay. I never thought I'd witness anything that made Agent Aika look tame.

The story was weak, the main character was fairly useless when not in Witchblade form and the ending was incredibly abrupt. Really awful overall. Before you ask, yes I gave it a chance. I read the entire thing. The story gives you this feeling like it's surely going to go somewhere, anywhere, soon, and yet it never does. (I've verified this feeling with others that have read it)

I hope this doesn't win a dang thing - and don't bother reading it yourself either, unless you just want it for the ecchi art.

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UNIT-1978 said...

I loved how you used the word vajayjay in an actual everyday situation.