Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Link Drop - Firefox Download Day edition

Hello hello all. We all doing our geek duty and downloading Firefox 3? I don't know why I joined the bandwagon, perhaps my loathing of IE and Safari. /shrug.

Anyway, enjoy some links on your new browser (or your old one, you technophobe! XP)


DevilDoll found a wonderful visualization of D&D character classes, as displayed by super heroes.
source(s): Devil Doll & MightyGodKing

Diamond has dropped their May 08 Sales Charts and Market Reports - Marvel gives DC an ugly beat down. Eeeesh. I suppose this is what DC gets for seemingly going out of their way to not give new readers anywhere to jump on. (no recaps!) source: Newsarama

Not Blog X has a recap of (one of the) Rogue mini series from the 90s. He wasn't fond of this series, but trust me, there were worse.
(aside: this is a really cool blog that I'd like to really dig into. Must add to reader!)

AnimeAlmanac found this link of the Portal song 'Still Alive'... in Japanese.
sources: Anime Almanac's Twitter feed & XBox 360 Fanboy

Found in a GaiaOnline thread: For those that don't know what SNK Boss Syndrome is, consider yourself informed.

Anime News Network reports that PiQ (the magazine that was supposed to replace Newtype) is already dead at issue 4. That took no time at all.

Summer anime season is started and I'm still watching stuff from 2 seasons back. With any luck, I'll finish up Potemayo pretty soon and pick up some of the summer goodness. Hell, I've only seen the first two episodes of 'last' season's Kamen no Maid Guy.


Kotaku found an amazing and hysterical Flash game called Puzzle Farter. Yes, it's flatulence powered travel. Awesome.

DS Fanboy found a clever little alarm clock based on the Metal Gear Solid character, Otacon.

random amusement:

The Twitter Fail Whale has a groupie. That is good times. Follow her @failwhale.

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