Friday, September 21, 2007

Witchblade Review has a review of the first Volume of Witchblade. I agree with most everything they have to say but I feel like they're being polite in their review of the English voice actor. Masane as Witchblade sounds like a porn star "in the middle of it". Go watch the video on Funi's site if you don't believe me. NSFW (click on the video itself to pause it.) I looked around a bit to hear the Japanese voice actress for Witchblade!Masane, but it seems that when she is fighting she's not very chatty. Less talk, more rock, as it were. One other little thing they missed is that there is no blood in the fights, it's this

So, suggestive stuff aside, Witchblade really is a good series. Masane in non-Witchblade form is a very likable character. You really want her to succeed. In addition, the supporting cast is very strong. There are other wielders, aside from Masane, but you'll have to watch the series to learn more about them. I'm not being spoilerific today, kthx.

If you can handle the t&a and the voice acting, there really is a good series beyond the breasts. (unlike the manga, that seems unable to be salvaged at this point...but that's a post for another day.)


Sharp said...

Why the hell is she groping herself? Trying to keep it from falling off? I guess she decided that, if nobody made a bra her size, she'd just go without. Now, she has to hold them up to keep them from dipping into her ice cream.

electric goldfish said...

Hah, that was the most SFW picture I had.

There was an episode where she goes shopping with her daughter, at which time the daughter tells her if she doesn't wear a bra "they'll sag".

Why are you thinking about her boobs & ice cream anyway? >_>! Heh.

Green eyed Dragon said...

MMMMM magic shell.... The manga got better this month, it actually had a plot