Thursday, September 20, 2007

Not So Fresh Blog Dump

Some of these news bits may be a couple days late. Sometimes irl gets in the way of my hobbies.


Comic Book Resources has a link to the X-Men "family" solicitations for December. At a glance, Messiah CompleX seems to be the Madrox & Layla Miller show. Layla, you know...she knows stuff... about stuff....right. I have this sudden urge to just wait for the trade.

There is also a link to the Marvel Atlas. (it's there, keep scrolling) This is far more interesting. I love seeing where things are set, especially when the places may or may not exist. Definitely on the list to pick up. rocks my socks. They have an image of the variant cover for She Hulk 22. I find it to be quite bad ass. They also have some screen shots of Jen in the Fantastic Four animated series. (which you can watch on youtube here)

File Under: Do Want
The otaku has a Tencho Muyo Ryo Ohki dvd box set review.
This will be mine. It is just a matter of time.

Kid Nemo Company has a cool T-Elos figure. - Sculpts like this really make me want to play the Xenosaga series - but I've been attempting to find time to play FF12 for roughly 6 months now with no luck.

Kotobukiya has a Catwoman figure (recent outfit with the goggles) up in their Batman series. I could do without the ass to camera picture, but they know what audience they're aiming for with that.

File Under: LOLWHUT.
The crane machine has evolved! It is a robocrane and seems far more fair than all other crane machines combined. Japan only, natch. Check out Danny Choo dot com for the video.

There is an eroge called "Period"
. I can't make this stuff up, folks.
-zepy @ canned dogs found it.

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