Thursday, September 20, 2007

Maid to Order - ha HAH.

screencap snagged from Melon Bread

The ever-awesome Zepy reports that there will be a service where you can hire a maid to sleep "beside" you. Maid cafes are so last week.

In hysterical/fantastic/too cool news, Japanator has found a video of pop star Leah Dizon in a tsundere maid cafe. I now know where I can work when I go to Japan. *_* The video isn't in English, but you can get the idea pretty easily. Watch it! Watch it now! I'll link it a second time.

If you don't know what a tsundere character is, (other than my favorite character type) go read up on it! I have plans to make a top 10 tsundere list...soonish.

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Green eyed Dragon said...

Tsundere is almost you to a tea (maid cafe pun)