Thursday, June 28, 2007

Witchblade manga/anime info

Witchblade: Takeru manga Graphic Novel 1 was released on June 27 by Bandai Entertainment (who has absolutely no information on it's website about the book, barring a one line blurb) It's 184 pages long, b&w, and pretty damn ecchi. Yours *all yours* for 9.99 retail.
Volume 2 drops on September 25th. You can ask for it at your local comic shop, or hit the usual suspects to order it online. (I just found it at are asking for problems with that release.

In other Takeru news, ComicVine posted a preview of issue 6. In addition to the lolita character that was introduced last issue, this month's new character is a two-fer! Librarian Sakurai is a megane character and an 'older' girl (older probably being no more than early 20s). This manga is a train wreck. The plot gets thinner and the fanservice more severe...and yet I can't look away. I liked the anime so much that I keep waiting for a plot to appear. My wait may be in vain.

Dear Top Cow: Kindly stop putting images of Masane to promote this manga. Different (far cooler) wielder entirely.

In the anime end of things, Funimation will be screening the first episode (dubbed) of Witchblade during their panel at Anime Expo.
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