Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tuesday Midnight Recap

Long day - have some links.

Anime News Network reports that episode one of The Third will be available to watch (for free! whee!) at until Sunday, July 1. Click on the image for a wallpaper from the official US The Third site.
Soul Calibur 4 has been confirmed to have online play by SD Tekken. A couple of the details about SC4 that have been revealed are as follows:
  • New characters will be kept under wraps and revealed closer towards the release date
  • “Guard Impact” is back.
  • The amount of detail in the game will be amazing! “The leather straps on Ivy’s thighs make real-time indentations into her skin as she fights.” *head desk* *head desk**head desk* Gah, I hope this one was a joke...
Click the link to the article above for a much longer list of details about SC4.
If Ivy actually existed, she's probably look like this sex worker/gravure idol with P cup bewbs. P! (NSFW! Not safe for humanity!)
In less terrifying news, there is a wonderful Chun Li figure posted at animeOnline. There are little fangirl hearts floating over my head as I post this.
~awkward segue...fighting game character to fighting game controller~
An arcade style controller is getting released for the Wii. Since theres no SC4 release for the Wii, this gives hope for other fighters to get released on the console. (Can we get a Killer Instinct virtual console game? Plz?) (source: Kotaku)

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