Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Watch 009-1 for free (this week)

ADV films is showing the first ep of 009-1 this week.
You can watch the trailer here with a link to the full episode.
Seems a bit...hokey to me, but free is free and I liked Cutie Honey Live Action so there's no accounting for taste. Up for a limited time, so get going.

In a world where the Cold War never ended, East and West continue to battle for technological and political supremacy. Mylene Hoffman, field commander of the elite Zero Zero Organization, exists in this world with her eyes open and her body always ready to do battle. She puts the intelligence into “intelligence agent” and her body into "body of evidence"!

Liberating benevolent scientists, tagging along with would-be monster-slayers, meeting her match in the world’s most hard-boiled assassin and navigating a deadly labyrinth of horrors are all in a day’s work for Mylene. There’s no problem she can’t solve with the proper application of high explosives, fast-talk, deceptive jewelry, make-up and the right moves behind closed doors!

In a world of spy mystery and intrigue… discover who she kisses one minute and kills the next.


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