Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cat Boys Toys!

Ah, I love the rare occasion that cool male figures come out (anime figs, there are a ton of comic book guy figures). Kotobukiya is releasing a Bardo figure, from the series Lamento: Beyond the Void - which in tun is based on a Yaoi/BL game. Bardo is available for preorder at Kid Nemo. His BL brethern Asaio & Konoe are currently available for preorder @ Statue Toys, but marked as 'Sold Out' at Kid Nemo. *shrug* The figures will set you back about 30 dollars each, but don't your FF : Advent Children guys need some friends to share the shelf with? *_*; Here is a fan site for info on the game Togainu no Chi - the game the boys originated in. If you're under 18, or at work or BOTH, go no farther than the character screens. (nsfw, ero ero, whatever) I take no responsibility for your lack of moral ethics. Here is the utterly safe Wiki entry.

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Anonymous said...

Just passing through on my search for pictures of the Bardo figure :)

The cat boys aren't from Togainu no Chi. They are from the gameLamento :) The same company made both games, so maybe that's where the confusion's from?

...and the black haired cat in blue is "Asato" not "Asaio" :)

Thank you for posting the photo! *drifts back into the internetz*