Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Pop culture roundup from our favorite island nation:

Don't illegally dump your trash or Ryuk will come get you! To protect against illegal trash dumping, mini torii gates are being erected. If you’re Japanese, you’re bound to have some sort of fear of the gods. We started making them because we thought that if you stick a torii gate up in an area where people have been illegally dumping trash, people are going to think twice before throwing anything else away for fear that the gods may punish them and won’t dump anything" via Japan Probe

JapanSugoi has some great footage of Harajuku fashion. I swore I saw some Psycho le Cemu & Malice Mizer cosplay in there. In related news, Tokyopop will be releasing an English version of the Gothic Lolita Bible - for those time you absolutely MUST 'get your bonnet on'. (via aO)

Namie Amuro desperately trying to hold on to her career, decides to slut it up with her new album, Play. Complete with S&M gear - she looks a bit like Anesthesia's "superstar" outfit. Click the link above for the article & videos. (via animeOnline)

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