Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yammering About Comics (pt 3)

Still yammering, but a bit abbreviated, as I have a lot to get through.

Wonder Woman #30
(Rise of the Olympian pt 5)
Diana has had enough of Cheetah's bs and is going to get to Genocide, no matter what. More talk of 'manazons' and Zeus, like the classical version, seems to be a bit of a jerk.
Final Thought: Awesome sauce.

Street Fighter II Turbo #5
Back stories of Cammy & E Honda, continue. Extra insert of C. Viper in the back. Much like Street Fighter Legends, Udon continues their great work. A must for any SF fan.
Final Thought: Love it.

X-Force/ Cable Messiah War parts 1&2
Good art, okay story. It's likely that I'm biased against this one because I'm not a fan of time travel OR Cable. Appearance by a crazed Deadpool lightens things up.
Final Thought: Meh.

The Flash: Rebirth #1
This was loaned to me by a friend. The only Flash I am even remotely familiar is Wally. They gave as much backstory as they could buuut I still have no idea who the villians are in the series. I am sure that if I knew more about the Flash, that I'd likely be peeing my pants.
Final Thought: Need more info.

X-Men Legacy #222
Danger is going batty and Rogue continues on her Danger-induced pilgrimage. Hard to take Shi'ar pirates seriously.
Implications that Rogue's quest was an accident. This irritates me.
Final Thought: Waiting to see how this continues.

Uncanny X-Men #507 (Manifest Destiny)
Manifest Destiny is still going on? Oh. Right. ?_?
Eeeeverybody is getting attacked by something or another. Good battle issue. I sometimes prefer these over a wall of text. A nod to Dark Reign and the Uncanny Annual as well as the return of a huge villian at the end. (no I am not saying who)
Final Thought: 'Snot bad at all, eagerly awaiting Madelyne Pryor & Spiral next issue.

Phew, got done in time for this week's books. I hope to get to the shop more often than I do thus far. :P

on tap: more of the same and probably a smidge of manga.

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