Monday, April 13, 2009

More Yammering About Comics (opinion)

Street Fighter Legends: Chun Li #2
Ah, the beautiful art of the Udon crew. It still stands strong. Chun Li's origin tale continues with some new characters and a little more characterization of her father. Also starring Sagat (boo) and Dan (yay!) (and a mystery guest at the end – no spoilers!)
Dear Udon crew: You continue to rock. Please proceed.
Final Thought: A great telling of Chun Li's origin, with some really moving scenes.

X-Force #13 (Messiah War 'prequel')
Always solid art and a strong storyline as well. THIS is how you end a book with a serious cliffhanger (which is apparently not addressed in the Messiah War “One Shot”.
Dear Kyle & Yost – Please keep on keepin on. I have high hopes that the Wolfsbane story goes somewhere, because it didn't go into Messiah War and I feel like that's a good thing.
Final Thought: Great book, wish it didn't force the crossover issues on me.

Got through a giant mass of comics last night as well. Will post on those later. :)

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unit-1978 said... can you boo Sagat,lol one of the best characters in the game :)