Friday, November 14, 2008

Yahtzee reviews Fable II

speaks for itself, really.

Here's the link if the video decides not to work.

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Freyhon said...

I love Zero Punctuation, and even though this is yet another funny review, I really think he missed the point of the game.

If you just play it to beat it, then you wasted about 8 hours. It's that short, and without exploring other fun things to do in the game, it really isn't that good.

However, if you have the creativity and curiosity to explore just for the sake of finding something new, then this game is simply huge.

He casually blew off the various ways to make money in the game, missing the point that you have so many options to work it.

Want to kill things for cash? Go get a Bounty Hunter job.

Want to grind in a basic mini-game for cash? Do it. Go be a blacksmith, wood cutter, or bartender. Make some mad cash when you level them up. (And it's a great way to kill time waiting for the shops to open the next day.)

Want to be a real estate tycoon? Do it, too. The game will give you earnings based on your property every few minutes. This is cool because when you stop playing, and come back later the game will calculate how long you've been gone and give you all the money owed to you for that time!

Play with the citizens. Or not. Be loved by everyone, or kill them in a homicidal rampage. Either way, prepare for the consequences. (Sometimes I was so popular that I couldn't even go into my house without a crowd of over 20 people following me, telling me how awesome I was.)

Love the dog, or ignore it. If you explore in this game, then the dog really does earn its place in your heart.

I could literally go on and on for several pages of things you can do in this game...

Yahtzee's review of this game is about as valid as the inevitable review he will do for Animal Crossing. Yeah, if you're a reviewer on a deadline, there is not much good to talk about. But ask any Animal Crossing fan why they obsessed over it and see what a difference creative play makes.

To steal a line from another game's ad, "If you find this game boring that is only because you are boring." And that sums up Fable 2 very well.