Thursday, November 13, 2008

My World, My Way trailer

Atlus just sent out an email to their faithful with a trailer for what looks to be a fun new DS game. I think they get my dollars again. It seems to be full of win.

from the email:
"Attention, please! I am sick of RPGs with gender-confused boy heroes with their spikey hair and ginormous swords living out an absurd ultimate fantasy. Is having your village burn down all you really need to be a champion? And a scar on your face is supposed to make you... What, dark and brooding? Try uncoordinated.

"In My World, My Way, I can change the landscape when it doesn't suit me, make monsters give me more money, and always take the first turn in battle. I can also make enemies go away if I don't feel like fighting, shut down their magic abilities, and even make quests solve themselves. Sure, other RPGs let you explore lands and fight monsters, but how many of them let you change the world around you?

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