Sunday, June 29, 2008

MK vs DC - Catwoman Confirmed

Kotaku knows all, and shares all.

They've essentially verified Catwoman and have pictures to prove it. (although calling Catwoman a villain is utterly off the mark)

That leaves Prototypical Super Hero, Mystical Super Hero, Amazon Queen, Crazy Villain, and Military Superhero among the unidentified generic descriptors of DC Universe kombatants.

Kotaku commenters are calling as follows:

Prototypical Super Hero - Shazam or Superman (Supes already announced?)
Mystical Super Hero - Zatanna or Dr Fate
Amazon Queen -Wonder Woman (no s**t, Sherlock)
Crazy Villain - Joker
and Military Superhero - one of the 8,000 Green Lanterns, likely Jordan or Stewart

Catwoman, Wonder Woman AND Zatanna? Urgh, I have to start saving my pennies. They got me by the throat on this one.

Nerd Moment: (for those reading Wonder Woman right now) WW can't use her lasso on most of the Outworld guys, especially Scorpion, because lasso on the soulless is BAD TIMES.

Ooh ooh, cheap excuse for Lego Batman video clip!


Anonymous said...

Pretty much I'm more interested in DC part than MK, really depends on the fight engine.

unit-1978 said...

I think MK's days are over. They failed in the past with most of there other sequals, and now there just reaching for straws trying to jump on Street Fighters coat tails with all there cross over titles that were smash hits. With Street Fighter 4 coming out soon, the real "King of Fighters" will return.