Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Link Drop - Digsby is swank Edition

Hello hello, I just installed Digsby, which is something along the lines of a program that's like Twhirl and Trillian had a baby. An awesome, awesome baby. I have to say, it's made a great first impression with me. (that's not to say that it won't foul up horribly, but for now, all good!)

UNCANXMEN499 Before I get into comics news and the rest of my post, I'd like to respond to comments in the previous post. It's true I love the Dodson's art and I do indeed think that their cover for Uncanny 500 is still utterly swank, (and I still want it look at their expressions! All dead on! Yay @ bitch face Emma. Hah!), I do want to point out that I had an equivalent fangirl squee over Uncanny 498. I believed I deemed it "For the ladies" and showed it to all the girls at the local anime meeting.

Also, please continue to comment. I love it <3


Newsarama has a great article from HeroesCon about X-Men : Manifest Destiny
Manifest Destiny being that the X-Men permanently move to California. This kind of bums me out as technically I live on the East Coast (or the south, whatever Florida may be) and seriously, we know that California is better at everything. This also kills my 'If it didn't happen in Westchester, I don't care' catch phrase.

Sort of related: WHY OH WHY is the porn tracer Greg Land going to be working on these books? To quote a commenter:

korvac1969 wrote: Ah Greg Land, gotta love an artist who's medium is a light box and a huge stack of porn mags.

Quoted for Truth, as they say on the intertrons.

ComicVine has jumped on the redesign bandwagon that CBR and Newsarama have started rolling. I must say, all of the redesigns look great so far.

I Love Japan:

Woman lives like a hamster for a week in what was apparently an 'art' installation. ?_?
source: BruceCat's Plurk Feed

Sad news: Sailor Moon Musical Actress Dies at 24
source: Anime News Network

Japanese WiiWare allows users to read comics on their Wii. Americans die of jealousy.
source: Wii Fanboy


The Rza will beat your chess.
source: Kotaku

Creepy Silent Hill cosplay
Not enough money on the planet that would make me brave/stupid enough to be the girl on top that's spread eagle.
source: Destrutoid

Misc WTF?

Panties cause injury - woman sues!
via BoingBoing


Chris said...

I'm not much into comics, but I can comment on the Digsby :D. The ONLY thing I don't like about Digsby is that it doesn't offer Plurk :(. If they offered Plurk I'd be all over it :D.

unit-1978 said...

I come back every other day to check your blog and I have to honestly say I enjoy it. Props to the local gal.