Monday, March 24, 2008

Rampant Nintendo Fanboy-ism


Would Super Smash Bros Brawl be a 10 if it wasn't soaked with familiar Nintendo characters? I don't think so, and neither does this reporter. Points for bravery. Nintendo apologists can be an angry lot. She goes in to a lot of detail on what exactly a fanboy is and what we gamers should do about it, if anything. On Fanboyism and Reviewing.
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Also, read Brawl Haul, her opinion on Brawl and why she doesn't like it as much as she wants to. (I can relate.)
source: Sexy Videogameland

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Funk Xero said...

I think that can be said of any fighter game in general or game for that(why do need new consoles every so often if it wasn't for the graphics). Reason why fighting games get sequels far more than other genres is character design and development. Nintendo characters and other characters in the game like sonic, snake, etc. are such juggernauts that they sell the game alone. I can't tell how many times I see people pick up Mario and Sonic Olympics on name recognition alone.

Has for calling it a "fighting" game, that might be the gripes of some "hardcore" fighting fans but Nintendo basically adapted their successful mario kart formula, which is really isn't "kart racing" btw, and made it fun for everyone to play and catch up with items. They also applied this to their soccer game which is fairly fun to play as well.

Has for the frustration with it not being methodical and random, that is what makes it accessible for everyone and in a way "real". With some play some skill can be developed but the randomness of items and erratic stages make it anyones game with those at a similar game level. Pretty much it can be pure craziness but oddly that is what makes it fun to me kind of like the crazy Marvel vs. Capcom series except without the steep learning curve or technicality of these street fighter type games. Which makes it fun for me because take long to master and then just focus on strategy, 2 vs 2 is super fun.

Basically smash is the best 4 player fighting game since Power Stone in my humble opinion. Best fighting game in my book is still Soul Calibur being very easy for a beginner to get into and enjoy but hard to master. For me though, the ones that resemble close to real fighting "mind set" would be Virtua Fighter and Bushido Blade.

Anyways that is just my thought humble view. I always say review games for who they are targeted for and that is the best way to review games and for the most part this is for fans of the original. Like a good example of loss fan base would be Mortal Kombat series in my opinion, never had the patience or skill to master the controls and clunky controls. Game felt "stiff" as well.

Eh I love fighting games lol.