Monday, March 24, 2008

"Agent M" and the Skrull Invasion

Yay! Cheap excuse for more Rogue image use! has apparently been on Twitter for a year now, but they've just posted a bulletin on myspace for those of us not in the know. I've copied and pasted their blurb below for those that don't want to wander into the dark landscape of MySpace.

Hey there True Believers! Here's your chance to get live updates from our very own Agent M. Agent M has been twittering for a little over a year, enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, the occational convention and of course, all things Marvel. Make sure you sign up for a Twitter account at www. twitter. com and follow Agent M (www. twitter. com/agent_m) for the latest scoop of all things Marvel and you never know what you may find out as the Secret Invasion draws near.

Most recent tweet reads as such: (good for a lol)
term just used in my office: "continuity porn." mmmmmm sexy

and apparently, the new company wide crossover, Secret Invasion has a MySpace as well.

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