Thursday, December 27, 2007

Still no river rat?

Well, I've caught up to chapter 8 of Messiah CompleX and still no sight of Rogue. I have this theory - I've typed it up once before but Blogger promptly ate it. I'll give you the cliff notes version. (this theory will be dead by the end of the week when Ch 9 drops, but at least it's out of my system)

I suspect she's the traitor they're referring to in chapter nine. Let me tell you why. (uh possible spoilers ahead?)

...but first - background info!

Last we saw our favorite little redneck, she was still on a slab at Sinister's place, awakened briefly in an incredibly hackneyed little scene where Gambit's 'love' awakened her, (*barf*) after which she promptly went back to her coma. Prior to that she essentially had a instant death touch and the strong urge to touch people, whether it killed them or not. Also, there's the added bonus of 8 billion minds stuck in her head. (good luck digging Destiny's Diaries out of there, Sinister) So yeah, Rogue is probably a hair insane right now.

Moving on..
The X-Men seemingly left her there, and only came to get her when they thought the mutant baby was at Sinister's as well. It could easily be said that Rogue was an afterthought in that rescue. Afterwards, Wolverine and crew were all after Cable. If/when Rogue comes out of her coma, it will look as though she'd been abandoned.

In IRL - Mike Carey is Vague...
In interviews, Mike Carey keeps saying that something "major" will come involving Rogue. However, he won't say what. Last time a "major" thing happened, it was the Strain 88 Virus, followed by the Hecatomb. So to Mike, "major" = "major disaster". (that man makes me cranky...)

Add insane Rogue, urge to kill, previous criminal behavior, stupid loyalty to Gambit, (how many times has he tried to kill her? Three?) and a dash of abandonment issues. To me, that equals traitor.


Green eyed Dragon said...

Ya know, you're prolly right. I'll find out tomorrow :D

Stitch Faced Angel said...

Wow. The redneck needs to be put out of her misery. J/K. Really, it is interesting how they are fucking her ass ten ways to Sunday.