Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Chun Li : Now 50% less Chinese

In the Dec. 22nd post, Majoria's News reported that Kristin Kreuk will be playing Chun Li in the upcoming movie Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li. She's half Dutch and half Chinese (although her mother was born in Indonesia - imdb=good info) She plays Lana Lane in Smallville. (I'm the one geek on the planet that doesn't watch that show)

I don't suppose I could complain too much about the casting, but I still find it hard to believe that there isn't one single Chinese girl on the friggin planet that could play Chun Li in the upcoming movie.

imdb.com has some interesting trivia that may give some insight as to why she was cast:
  • Growing up she did gymnastics, swimming, martial arts, and theater (in high school).
  • Has a purple belt in karate.
  • Does not smoke.

So there you have it - hope the script is really good. Gilgamesh at kikouken.com thinks Kristin will be faboo, and who am I to argue with the guy who runs the best Chun Li shrine on the internet(s)?


Freyhon said...

But, but, but... She simply isn't, er, thick enough- know what I am saying? Chun Li simply needs them beautiful muscular thighs!

(Really- how hard is it to find an English speaking, martial arts trained Chinese woman? )

Still, though, she is kinda cute. Put her on a treadmill for about a year, get them legs all buff, and I won't complain about seeing Lana Lang doing a Spinning Bird Kick.

JIFF said...

She is cute. But she is not a good choice for the role of Chun Li.
I don't watch smalville either

supe said...

I watch enough Smallville to appreciate her as a good actress, and she's certainly pretty. But as already mentioned, she doesn't look Chinese, and she isn't shapely enough to be a proper Chun Li.

The concepts of SF and Chun Li deserve better than another bastardized live action movie. I hope they prove me wrong.