Monday, September 10, 2007

Xmen X-plode..har har har....

So. After Xmen 204, the "Blinded by the Light" storyline ends (aka We Got Our Asses Kicked by the Marauders and all Rogue got was SHOT) - then Messiah CompleX will begin. After THAT, the fecal matter hits the oscillating unit. X-Men Disassembled will begin. It's a X-books crossover and everyone is getting shuffled and some books are allegedly getting dropped entirely.

Spoilers(?) ahead - for quite a few months ahead - it's okay though, you'll probably forget before then.

There's an article about it up at Newsarama and I must tell you, it makes me rather cranky. Allow me to quote and respond in a proper fangirl fashion. I'll be in blue :)

Surprise, surprise, Cable is alive and gets his own book! (and Deadpool loses his title to make room).

Alex Alonso: X-Force is a new ongoing series debuting in February 2008. The artist is Clayton Crain. We’ll announce the writer later
Since when is X-Force new? I must say I'll be glad that the steaming pile that is XFactor gets an overhaul. (Wolfsbane will be on the XForce team) When your heroes are degraded to the point where they fight street musicians, something is royally f**ked up.

AA:...In the aftermath of “Messiah CompleX,” there is a new status quo for the X-Men. If indeed there is an X-Men.
drama queen...

NRAMA: Got to ask, the black and gray uniforms. Not only does it kind of marry the Morrison/movie era and Ultimate costumes along with the classic more colorful superhero-ish looks, but it suggests a tone, a flavor perhaps never seen in an mainline Marvel Universe X-title, but maybe that can be chalked up to Crain’s distinct style..?.

AA: The colors of the uniforms reflect the tone of the series and the team’s mission statement.
Go write about it on your journal - emo is the new astonishing. ~_~;

NRAMA: As Marvel is advertising it, this is the first X-Men crossover in over a decade. Why is that? Certainly, past history has suggested that X-Men crossovers sell. Why hasn't there been one, and why does this story merit one?
WHAT. Endangered Species anyone? House of M? Come the f**k on! There are crossovers aplenty running through the X Books. Crossovers make me break out in giant losses of cash. They're generally not worthwhile. The last time I dropped American comic books entirely was way back in Phalanx Covenant. All the fangirls/boys threaten to drop titles when stuff they don't like goes down - but it looks like Rogue is losing her team either way and add a Summers infested crossover after that? DO NOT WANT.

NRAMA: How was/is this crossover being organized? Was each writer given an element or two that they needed to touch in their title, or was a larger storyline laid out, and people chose what parts they wanted to tell?
NL: It started with the basic idea that actually came up in a retreat a few years ago, once the “No more mutants” thing came about.
Because No More Mutants/M Day/ Wanda's Gone Batshit Crazy was the best idea Evar. /sarcasm.
This was the best thing that storyline ever spawned.

NRAMA: The X-verse post-Messiah CompleX vs. the X-verse pre-Messiah CompleX. How different will it be?
NL: Completely. And that’s not just a company line. I swear. This will be the single biggest seismic shift in about 20 years of X-Men stories. This changes everything. In fact, who’s to say that there will even be a group of people who can call themselves X-Men when it’s done. What if I told you there wouldn’t even be an X-Men after the event?

What if I told you we're tired of all this "omg most important story evar! Every.Single.Arc.

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JIFF said...

This is one of the reasons I'm no longer buying X-Titles as I used to do, after Onslaught it became so clear to me that the good days were over, it was milestone after milestone and they were really lame.

USM and Daredevil are by far the best titles I'm able to buy down here