Thursday, September 13, 2007

Neo Geo on the VC

via my buddy Sharp, who found it on Kotaku - Great news for the fighting game fans (yes there are some of us left and we are rabid)

NEO GEO games will be available on the Wii Virtual Console!
Read the entire thing here.

The three they are starting off with are Fatal Fury, World Heroes and Art of Fighting. Naturally, being gamers, most Kotaku readers / posters complained. This was my two cents:

I think I'm the only on in here that's actually pleased to see some of these old fighters on the VC. They can only post so many rpgs and side scroller action/adventure games. Personally, I'm very excited about World Heroes. Would have preferred WH Perfect - but hey, they have to start somewhere.

For those that keep talking about these games being available on compilations, let me tell you, it is a giant pain to find the Fatal Fury Battle Archive vol 1.

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