Saturday, August 25, 2007

X-Men 202 - now with 50% more weak sauce!

Sleestak voted X-Men 202 as the worst comic released this week and I completely agree.

I feel as though Mike Carey is emulating poorly plotted anime series in his writing. What I mean by this is that a few years back, it was a trend for anime to start out with a bang and then fizzle with little or no ending. (Niea_7, Lain, hell, even the more recent Nodame Cantabile had a flat ending)

X-Men 200 was fantastic - Double Crossing! Return of the Marauders! Epic Battle! Woo!
but then, the slow painfully dull slide downhill begins in....

X-Men 201 - house fell on our mighty heroes - Bobby & Sam chit chat in the Blackbird, with Emma telepathically attempting to move the plot forward and failing.X-Men 202 - Acolytes! Wait, does anyone care about them anymore? Bobby & Sam now chatting with Shiro. Others still stuck under house. Emma does her 'Bride' impression from Kill Bill (move your big toe, move your big toe...) Rogue still has a hole in her chest and no one seems to care or feel the need to treat her. Riiight.

I am officially irritated by Humberto Ramos' art style. It's googly eyes and slack jaws all around. As someone pointed out to me, it looks like they're all about to sneeze. I suspect Kitty has developed a secondary mutation - of the chameleon variety. She can move her eyes independently. I can understand a stylized/cartoony art style, but when it distracts from the story, then there is a problem.AHRRRR seconded! Painful! Painful I tell you! What a disappointment after the last story arc.

scans snatched from scans_daily


Mike Haseloff said...

My problem from an uniformed outsider-looking-in is that after a slew of sub-par X-Men runs (post-Morrison), they'ved exhausted misguided experimentation and have come back to eat their own tail.

I love "continuity" and revisiting familiar characters, but I'm not sure these are the ideas to be doing that with, or if this method is even the best way.

Since Morrison, the X-Men books just seem to be lacking any kind of intelligent, natural character development - or guest spots that logically differentiate from previous appearances. Because it would be easy to forget that Morrison drew from X-Men lore quite heavily - he just did with some kind of evolutionary forward momentum.

This big crossover chase series just feels like a return to the negatives of the nineties.

Green eyed Dragon said...

Wow, love the rant, and agree with it. Just a side note Exodus is now a marauder. They had another ex-Acolyte but cable blew him up. At one time i dated a girl whos eyes did that. i had to dump her, but she didn't see it coming.