Thursday, August 23, 2007

Did Marvel do this for The Lulz?

For those that don't know, here is the Urban Dictionary's definition of The Lulz.

While Greg Land is (in)famous for tracing porn (literally, apparently) John Cassaday takes the cake with this panel. I can't show it to you in context as it has a giant spoiler attached to it. (oddly enough) I'll put it here as a thumbnail in case you're at work. I can't tell if it's worksafe or not. Probably not?

Did they (Marvel) really think that the O Face would fly over everyone's heads? Methinks not. Look at the word bubble for Pete's sake! I am not sure if I am supposed to be offended or not, I just got a fantastic laugh out of it. When I'm playing Guitar Hero and Pandora does her little guitar humping move, (see this link at 1:22 if you don't know what I am referring to) I proclaim 'Job Satisfaction!' So hats off to you Emma, being a telepath must be the best. job. ever.

source: scans daily


Freyhon said...

I read Ultimate Fantastic Four in trade format, and when I got to the fifth one Land's drastic change to the art style bothered me. Suddenly everyone looked like shiny super models and had these weird facial expressions. I was so turned off by the art that I have stopped reading the series. Hey, when even Sue Storm's mom looks like a porn star you know the artist needs help. (They even make a point of having her 50 feet tall and in nothing but her Victoria Secrets in one very large panel!) Teh gross!

Is it misogyny or just some lonely little man who has never seen an adult woman before? You decide!

electric goldfish said...

I think that Greg Land doesn't hate women - perhaps he loves them too much?

Note to self : write letter to Marvel Re: Never let Greg Land get any stories involving Aunt May. Vomiting may occur.

Anonymous said...

jeez, misogyny will lose it's meaning within the comic blogging world soon...seriously. i like greg lands art and so does my girlfriend. why can't sue's mother be hot?

Vail said...

Bingo! Ah yes, the "my girlfriend likes it so it must be ok" defense. Bah! I think that it's just easier to trace porn/use porn as a reference then hire models. I also know that there are people who take porn and photo shop super hero costumes on them. I stumbled on them playing Champions (table-top superhero game). Now that I think about it, they do look a lot like Greg's work!