Thursday, August 2, 2007

Today was new comics day at the shop....

This is probably a preemptive post as I haven't read all these books yet. Oh well, I reserve the right to post again if they suck. Here are some books of interest:

Witchblade: First Born finally arrived. I have not had time to read it in detail, but there's quite a bomb dropped on the last page. Pick it up, or go hobotaku it.

She Hulk 20:
Official blurb - Twenty issues of secrets and mysteries...
...and here's where we let you peek at the answers!
Is She-Hulk still married? What's Mallory's master plan? Who has Mr. Zix been talking to? Where's John? Awesome Andy? Pug? Southpaw?!! BIG returns, BIGGER reveals, and THE BIGGEST SURPRISE OF ALL! All this, and a giant-size Man-Thing.

My take - I'm really excited to see how the storyline with the Leader and Jen's recent sluttacious behavior pans out. I hate to say it, but Mallory has a really strong argument for gamma radiation causing "irregular" behavior.

In some older news, Majoria's News found info on the San Diego Comic Con's X-Men panel.
My favorite quote? "A fan asked Carey if Rogue is going to "continue to be a bad ass and not die." Carey said he didn't spend so much time on the character just for her to die, and there's "certainly more to Rogue's story" to come."

New Warriors 3:
Official blurb: Sofia and Wondra face off as the New Warriors respond to Tony Stark’s offer of amnesty. But will they accept or reject it? Meanwhile, Detectives Sykes and Givens uncover a shocking mystery about the death of the original New Warriors, and a former member may hold the key. Plus, Wolverine shows up…and he ain’t happy!

My take - New Warriors is way, way better than it should be. Last issue Jubilee appears, I suspect things only go uphill from here. (hey after the new issue drops, last month is no longer a spoiler)

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Green eyed Dragon said...

i didn't see New Warriors at either shop this week. did i miss it?