Thursday, August 2, 2007

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I'm here to amuse and disturb you. Is it working?

Gia says that 8 /01 is Yaoi Day because "on Japanese cell phones 8=ya, 0=O, 1=I, blah blah blah 801 Media blah blah." I wish I'd known this sooner. I would have emailed my friends inappropriate pictures and went out to buy Y!Smut. Drat. Instead, I'll torture you with a disturbing Final Fantasy fanart.

I now officially will add a hug pillow tag to this blog. ;_; Srsly.
Heisei Democracy & Majoria's News report of a Masane Witchblade hug pillow (proper Japanese term is Daki Makura, and I should probably start using it). This pillow doesn't particularly offend me, as Masane is an actual grown woman and is (exaggeratively) drawn as such. On the far opposite spectrum, a Doki Doki Maho Shinpan hug pillow has been released as well. For you lol-pervs. PedoBear Approved. nsfw, dood.

A New Cutie Honey has been cast for an upcoming Cutie Honey tv drama. Bishoujo Club 31 member Mikie Hara will "fill" (hah.) the role. Her qualifications? Giant knockers. Looks like a gravure model to me. Bikinis with some "spillage" - probably nsfw.

In US geek news, there was a Heroes panel at SDCC. Newsarama has some of the highlights. I am so relieved that I was not the only one that noticed this before their actual story was revealed.
Excerpt: An Australian fan queried Panettiere about the much-discussed Peter/Claire chemistry. Ventimiglia: “They…are…related. End of story. I’m flattered, but…” Panettiere pointed out the age difference between her and Ventimiglia, and asked, “Which is creepier, the fact that he’s my uncle, or the fact that there’s….” Ventimiglia replied, “Uncle. Uncle.” He then pointed out that the characters had “hooked up” on the level that they had an emotional, caring, protective relationship, along with a strong bond.

Momoi backpedals! After posting about how anime expo, the "Queen of Akihabara" Halko Momoi has essentially issued a retraction. She erased the negative post and replaced it with the one shown here.
Exerpt: I’m sorry for making you worry with the things I wrote on my blog, and also for canceling my autograph session to prepare for my concert. When I received so many words of encouragement and presents at my panel, I thought to myself “I must make this performance a success.”

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