Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Samurai Shodown Video

Now, I care about this but I was there when the first ones came out. :) Am I alone in my love? (still gotta say it looks a bit rough and I worry about the online)

source: Kotaku


unit-1978 said...

...OH MY GOD!!!! Its no soul calibur, but I have to say SC got old a long time ago in my opinion. The Samurai Showdown series has always had its own fresh style, and your not alone. I love the SS series probably as much as I love the old Street Fighters. I remember lots of money being eaten at arcades playing Samurai Showdown. Samurai Spirits looks fantastic and I see my fav Kibagami Genjuro!!!! Its on!!!!

Anonymous said...

I found it hilarious that the announcer used the term for "arrived at the battlefield."

DAI DAMAGE indeed.