Friday, August 14, 2009

Bummer, man.

Dude! Where did the week go?! 0_0!

Digsby is being super sketchy and that makes me sad.

Insert Credit is dead. The end of an era.

Tosh.O had a popcorn challenge, and it makes me laugh. Makes the horrible news less horrible.


Titan_X said...

Meh, it's easy enough in Digsby to avoid installing all the crapware. Opting out of the cpu usage for web spidering is a bit unintuitive, but the option is still available.

I'm disappointed in the fact that Digsby is bundled with so much crapware, but if you're good at crapware dodging, which I am DAMN good at, then it still remains at the top of my list for multi-service IM clients.

If you're still wearing the tinfoil hat, Pidgin is a viable alternative.

If you need to get rid of crapware on your system, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware has never done me wrong. :)

Stacy said...

Hey, are you going to review Ponyo? That should cheer you up and make you hungry for HAM!

electric goldfish said...

Digsby IS great and I wish they'd been a little more clear about the crapware. Oh well! I liked it for it's twitter/im/email interface. Mostly Twitter. Trying Pidgin, may go back to Digby tho.