Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blaz Blue Launch Trailer

Got to play this last night at a friend's house and while I can't comment on the game play after only a few rounds, I can definitely say that it's a beautiful game with well done sprites and gorgeous backgrounds.

Litchi and Taokaka
seem to be characters that call out to me.


Titan_X said...
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Titan_X said...

I got the game last night and it's awesome. I don't like the characters as much as I like the characters from Guilty Gear, but they hold their own at any rate.

And yes, I thought of you when I saw Litchi. I figured that would be the character you'd pick. :P

Phee said...

I've got this on my Gamefly queue. Never been that into fighting games, but since I missed the Guilty Gear boat I figured this would be as good as any to start with. Too many people keep talking about how good it is for me to keep ignoring it. :P