Thursday, June 4, 2009


This was too good not to post. Good match, great commentary text. (also, I like that song too)

Source: Lord BBH's YouTube Channel


Titan_X said...

Oh man... at least the player fighting as Viper seems to have some skill. The person playing as Gouki doesn't seem to know any other moves other than fireball and random weak jabs.

I find it disappointing. :\

Freyhon said...

I hate it when scrubs like that Akuma player make the entire game look bad for people already trying to find fault with it.

There is no need to use a bloody autofire controller, and frankly, they should be disqualified from Rankings and Tournaments if found using them (which would be very easy to set up).

Another thing that does help the game's reputation is that the only replays that can be saved are ones that meet some obscure Ranking/Tournament level- but the problem is that a lot of players that get there are the same scrubs using autofire on their controllers.

When played properly, this game is as deep as an ocean- the only problem is that autofiring, fireball spamming newbs from the shallow end of the fighting game gene pool ruin it for everyone else playing.

electric goldfish said...

I felt the C Viper player dealt with teh douchebaggery particularly well.