Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Life as a Dark Lord

Thought this deserved it's own post. Video of the upcoming WiiWare game, My Life as a Dark Lord. Apparently more of a tower sim than proper tower defense. Either way, the option to sic Marlboros and Tonberrys on adventurers is too good to pass up. Release date is TBA 2009. ;_;

originally found at Joystiq

By the way, if you're wondering why Mira (the main character) looks split in two, the original Japanese name is Hikari to Yami no Himegishi to Sekai Seifuku no Tō: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (Subtitle translated as The Daughter of Light and Darkness, and the Tower of the World Conquest) - this makes her outfit make a little more sense. I guess they really want US gamers to associate it with My Life as King.

Japanese language information taken from Final Fantasy Wiki

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