Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yotsuba& + Hockey = Random Tangent

3 on 3 NHL arcade Hockey has been released on the XBLA (and has been on PSN for about a week according to Destructoid. If it even remotely brings back memories of NHL Hitz, then it will be wonderful. Plan to play it this weekend.

More good news, Yotsuba is BACK. Rescued from the vast wastelands by Yen Press. Huzzah!

I glossed over most of the NYCC news on the internet last weekend, because there was TOO much to follow. However, in the Yotsuba news bit, Topless Robot adds this bit about some DC shenanigans - DC apparently needed to show a flowchart at NYCC to explain how Batman R.I.P. and Final Crisis worked together, along with all the comics necessary to each one which weren't in their respective series. A flow chart. To understand how to read their comics. Awesome.

I can absolutely understand his feelings. I am confused enough with them bringing Kingdom Come into regular continuity and retconning their crises each time they break the universe. It's no effing wonder it drove Starman insane. I'd just start rambling off about Sloppy Joe Wednesdays if I was him too.

Whoops, tangent.

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